Chinwag Live Podcast Archive Updated

Nick Halstead of Techmeme speaking at Chinwag Live on TourAfter enough tweaking of RSS feeds to make your eyes water, all of the Chinwag Live podcasts have made their way over to the new website.

Each event page now features the photographic evidence from the event along with an audio player on each page so there's no shuffling off to iTunes to listen to the podcast, it's right there in the page.

If you'd like to subscribe, the podcasts are available in two delicious flavours:

iTunesShiny, curvy Apple style through iTunes

RSSRegular, orange and proud, old-school RSS

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Social Media Camp London

SocialMediaCamp London is a BarCamp-style unconference to be held in Central London (exact location to be confirmed). We'll cover topics from blogs, podcasts, mobile tech, marketing ethics in new media and community relations...

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Date: 4 October 2008
Location: TBC, UK