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[Press Release] Tickets Released for this year's Digital Shoreditch Festival


Digital Shoreditch Festival 2012 is thrilled to announce the release of tickets for this 2 week festival of digital creativity with an expected 10,000 attendance! It brings together renowned leaders in digital taking place in more than 200 sessions from 21st May – 1st June.

The aim of the festival is to facilitate the wide spectrum of individuals and companies to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas through an extensive range of events and activities.

Each day of the festival will be themed, including Chinwag's Careers Day on May 23rd.

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Press Releases From Hell & How to Fix Them (Examples, Not Theory) 2nd Expanded Edition


Learn how to improve your press releases the easy way -- by reviewing 12 before-and-after examples of typical bad releases that are radically rewritten by an expert. Includes b-to-b, high-tech, and "no news" PR; plus, tips on email pitches that work.

Most press releases stink. The average journalist gets 250-500 press releases a day via email, mail, and the wire services. They trash 80% immediately, skim-and-trash 18%, and maybe contact 2% to write a story.

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