social commerce

A masterclass on how to increase your sales through social media

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service are the three biggest reasons why companies must use social media. During this ½ day workshop you will understand how to make money using Social media and implement a strategy designed for your business.

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Date: 1 June 2012
Location: Central Working Bloomsbury, UK

Social media + digital commerce = online success

Warren Knight, Social Commerce expert, will be sharing how to drive traffic to your online store with a multi-channel experience. Learn how to optimise your online store using the latest social commerce tools and design whilst devising a monthly content marketing strategy that consumers will fall in-love with.

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Date: 17 February 2012
Location: Central Working, UK

Proving the ROI of Social: An Interview with Tejal Patel, Global Social Commerce, Nokia


Nokia is a brand that has never been afraid to hold it's own in the social space. No doubt as a result of this, they have a global audience of over seven million.

Tejal Patel leads social commerce at Nokia. She's passionate about the accountability and ROI of digital, and during her time with the brand she's been working to prove the value of their social efforts.

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Marketing Week's 1-2-1 E-commerce Summit

For more information drop me an email

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Date: 19 May 2011
Location: Central London, UK