Researchers Find Flaw in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Don't Panic Yet.

ENIGMA Rotor Set by J Brew

Researchers at a K.U.Leuven university in Belgium have identified flaws in AES, the encryption algorithm used by hundreds of millions users worldwide securing everything from ecommerce transactions using SSL to file encyrption tools including the popular BitLocker on PCs and FileVault on Mac OS X.

Researchers Andrey Bogdanov, Dmitry Khovratovich and Christian Rechberger came up with a clever new attack that can recover the secret key four times easier then previously thought.

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A Web Certificate for Privacy?

Please! by Josh Hallett

Privacy is at the top of people’s online agenda. As an investor in businesses with specific offerings around people’s online data and digital data, not surprisingly it is at the top of my agenda too. I believe that the industry needs privacy definitions and principles that the average Internet user can understand, not shrouded in legal or technical jargon.

In my recent post on Privacy for a Facebook Generation I proposed that businesses should operate on six easy to understand levels of privacy:

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