Makerble Launch Festival

Makerble launch festvial

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Date: 20 November 2014
Location: Glassworks, UK

Fundraising: The Essentials

Fundraising: The Essentials This event will help you understand how best to position your company when looking to raise investment as well as the different sources of finance available. We will also give you a taster of what the Growth Accelerator Programme may be able to offer you to help you fulfill your goals.

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Date: 6 November 2013
Location: Confirmed upon successful application, UK

#TechHubFriday Movie Night

Where can you find movies, geeks, entrepreneurs, drinks, snacks geeks? #TechHubFriday movie night! This week sees the second TechHub film night, Friday 20th August from 5-7ish pm (so you can still go out afterwards). It's free, just bring yourselves, any drinks and snacks you want (we'll throw in a few).

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Date: 20 August 2010
Location: TechHub, UK