All The Ladies, Louder Now! #wit11

Ada Lovelace by Andrew Becraft

So, I was supposed to be churning out lengthy documents for Social Media Week London this morning, hence finding procrastinative distractions in the shape of Twitter, when I spotted this from @wendytanwhite:

RT @evarley: Has everyone been nominating great people for @fastcompany's Most Influential Women in Tech 2011? #wit11 http://is.gd/hzNb6

Wendy's made me ponder the number of women working in technology and a problem we've had in the past, finding high-profile women to speak at events and it's not just us, judging by this comment from Wired's Chris Anderson,

There are "not enough high-profile women in the tech industry who are recognizable to sell a cover," he wrote.

I'd thought the situation for women working in digital businesses might be better than other industries, partially because it's newer and (big philosophiocal leap, here) theoretically less affected by older prejudices.

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