Skills empowerment workshop for women working in the games industry

Don’t miss out to take part in one-off workshop next week lead by expert leadership and life coaches Jessica Farrel, Kathy Foy, Liz Rivers and Jon Torrens to sharpen your profile and define your future skills.

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Date: 2 February 2015
Location: UKIE, UK

WIE London

WIE London Hosted on March 8th International Women's Day At The Hospital Club. (map) A forum where exceptional role models are readily available to inspire and empower the next generation, sharing wisdom and offering guidance. Where women of diverse careers, ages and backgrounds can come together to share inspirational stories and ideas.

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Date: 8 March 2013
Location: The Hospital Club, UK

The Emerge Mini Conference

A mostly online mini-conference for all women who love digital design & technology. Featuring FREE workshops & a panel debate held at the British Library Business & IP Centre.

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Date: 16 January 2012
Location: Online and The British Library Business & IP Centre, UK

Less Women Applying for Social Media Jobs in the UK

Chanel Union Jack bagThe US picture may be bleak but are British women really as worse off as women in the States when it comes to social media salaries?

We got in touch with a UK-based social media recruitment company to find out if we really have anything to worry about.

According to Emma McNamara, Managing Director of recruitment firm Propel London, there are just more men applying for the roles at the outset:

"We have experienced more male applicants for the roles, however have not seen any gender preference from clients or differences in salaries offered. I think it really depends on the community involved and the candidates overall experience."

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