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All The Ladies, Louder Now! #wit11

Ada Lovelace by Andrew Becraft

So, I was supposed to be churning out lengthy documents for Social Media Week London this morning, hence finding procrastinative distractions in the shape of Twitter, when I spotted this from @wendytanwhite:

RT @evarley: Has everyone been nominating great people for @fastcompany's Most Influential Women in Tech 2011? #wit11 http://is.gd/hzNb6

Wendy's made me ponder the number of women working in technology and a problem we've had in the past, finding high-profile women to speak at events and it's not just us, judging by this comment from Wired's Chris Anderson,

There are "not enough high-profile women in the tech industry who are recognizable to sell a cover," he wrote.

I'd thought the situation for women working in digital businesses might be better than other industries, partially because it's newer and (big philosophiocal leap, here) theoretically less affected by older prejudices.

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London Geek Girl Dinner 3 Year Anniversary

Girl Geek Dinners have been going now for almost three years! (Officially that would be 3 years on the 16th August 2008) Google are great hosts with the perfect space, so we asked them if they would like to join us in our celebration! Lucky for us they said yes!!!

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Date: 28 August 2008
Location: Google, UK