Digital Business: India and China

Prepare your business for the future with our two conferences on the 3rd and 4th of March, 2009.

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Advertising Woes for 2009?

Money Hand by NeubieA turbulent year is pretty much a good description of how I see 2009 shaping up for the online advertising industry.  For the consumer economy at large we all know the story by now, retailers and manufacturers both large and small are hitting the wall as consumer spend freefalls.

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Chinwag Live: Freeconomics

Join us as we ask - Is there a future to Free, and where? Are there new opportunities to monetise in the land of Free or in fact does Free no longer make sense?

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Date: 30 March 2009
Location: Slug & Lettuce (downstairs), UK

Chinwag Live: Advertising Woes?

Shrinking markets and shrinking budgets - just how big will be the blow for online advertising? Join us on 10th February as we discuss the challenges and implications now facing the online advertising industry. Come quiz our panel on where limited ad budgets should now be directed, and how can agencies and brands adapt and survive in 2009.

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Date: 10 February 2009
Location: The Slug & Lettuce (Downstairs), UK

50+ lists of digital predictions for 2009

2843731730_bb6f325081_m.jpgIt started out with a quick gander of // more

Internet World 2009

More details tbc

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Date: 28 April 2009
Location: Earl's Court 2, UK

IAB/Microsoft Advertising Creative Showcase awards

In the third Creative Showcase seminar of 2008, we will present the winners from August - November.

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Date: 10 December 2008
Location: The Soho Hotel, UK

Online Recruitment - 2009

Online Recruitment 2009 - The Year Ahead Conference is the UK's largest annual online recruitment conference. This year's event will address the key issues that HR professionals, media owners, recruiters and advertising agencies will face in the online recruitment space in 2009. Attending the event will give you access to the industry's thought leaders and keep you a vital step ahead of your competitors.

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Date: 29 January 2009
Location: Royal Geographic Society, UK

NMK: Key Account Management

Make the most of your client relationships in an economic crisis for greater revenue opportunities, by learning how to better manage your key accounts.

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Date: 27 January 2009
Location: University of Westminster, UK

IAB Engage 2008

In such a fast-paced, ever-evolving world, online is subject to extensive debate - changing behaviour, trends, bandwagons and the constant emergence of new advertising formats have been both a help and a hindrance to its development. One thing’s for sure, the web has come from nowhere in 10 years to challenge TV as the biggest marketing medium in the UK.

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Date: 12 November 2008
Location: Mermaid Conference & Events Centre, UK

Mobile search and location reshaping the digital space

Locative media first came onto my radar in 2005 when notice of a collective called Proboscis and their Urban Tapestries initiative hit my inbox at NMK.

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Micromedia futures or the emperor’s new clothes?

Disposable, atomised media is all the rage and I’m as guilty as the next person of wallowing in it.

Web 2.0 and all its trimmings is no exception to this trend, in fact it glories in all things transient.* But what does it add up to? This question is an itch worth scratching, so sometimes we revisit particular events after their initial outing.

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AdMob Mobile Analytics July 2008 Report


AdMob offers free reports with market level data, providing insight into trends in the mobile ecosystem.

AdMob stores and analyzes data from every ad request, impression, and click and uses this information to optimize ad matching. Every day, we see ad requests from more than 5,000 publishers sites in over 160 countries.

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