Geek in the Park 2008

  Geek in the Park on August 9th willl be an all-day family event including a relaxing picnic and a discussion with leaders in the web industry in the evening.

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Date: 9 August 2008
Location: Jephson Gardens, UK

Digital Mission Press and Blog Resources

Digital MissionDigital Mission provides opportunities for companies to expand their business or seek investment overseas, organised by C

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Blog Camp Switzerland 3.0

BlogCampSwitzerland 3.0 is a European conference focusing on blogging, organized by bloggers for bloggers. It's built upon the principles of the famous BarCamp ("ad-hoc unconference").

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Date: 29 August 2008
Location: Techno Park, CH

ONA 2008 Conference and Awards

The 2008 Online News Association Conference is the premier conference for those who work in, or have an interest in, online media and news. The Online Journalism Awards have become the top awards in online journalism.

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Date: 11 October 2008
Location: Capital Hilton, US

Moo's Summer Party

Summer's here, so naturally it's time for the Annual MOO Summer Party. It'll be descending on Exmouth Market and the Ambassador again. There will be free drinks and food (whilst stocks last, reduced rates thereafter), and, no doubt, rockin' music and the usual MOO japes and freebies.

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Date: 24 July 2008
Location: Vibe Bar, UK

H3: Arduino + Web

We’re very happy to announce an Arduino + Web workshop lead by superstar programmer Matt Biddulph, CTO of Dopplr and assisted by Nick Weldin to take place on July 19-20th in a yet to be disclosed location

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Date: 19 July 2008
Location: TBC, UK

Writing for the Web (two days)

Writing for the web is a different skill to writing for print and other business publications, so if you need to make the switch, come along and find out the essential techniques and approaches you'll need to master.

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Date: 9 July 2008
Location: University of Westminster, UK

Blogging Darwinism grips regional media

Liverpool’s Daily Post is using a host of online tools to give it’s readers the chance to watch and offer input into the paper’s editorial process the day before publication.

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Measuring Social Media podcast released

Yup, the podcast version of Chinwag Live: Measuring Social Media is now available for download. It's been processed, buffed and chopped into three bite-sized pieces, then released into the wilds of the Internet.

There's 3 easy-to-use methods for getting hold of the audio:

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Max Gogarty and the insincere blog?

Late last week, a 19 year old guy started to write his blog, the subject was on his travels to India and Thailand and as he says is will be a report on ‘partying’ and ‘finding himself’…

Normally a blog like this would have been dismissed but this blog was special as it was on the Guardian newspaper website and the man in question is Max Gogarty.

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How your brand can benefit from monitoring and connecting online

Paying attention to your brand can be easy and invaluable. Many larger brands employ tools or services to monitor offline mentions and communications, but how many are connecting this fully online?

At the most basic level, monitoring references to your product, brand or service can be achieved simply through Google Alerts. There are more advanced solutions that can track the importance of the content, the importance of the poster and the potential influence of a post, but we'll leave that for a later post.

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Google's Algorithm Update Favours Bloggers

Google has been working to increase the frequency of its indexing, so how does this affect your SEO?

We have seen Google indexing blog posts in under two hours over recent weeks which is fantastic news for fresh content like this. However, one of the cornerstones of the natural search algorithim has always been links to the page.

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2008 Predict-a-thon Part 2

OK, so I thought I'd got some of the major predictions for the year. Deirdre's back in the office for half a day, and wallop, she's got a hole lot more to add to the list. And their corkers:

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2008 Predict-a-thon

The relative peace of these first three days back in the office has given me far too many opportunities to procrastinate on the rather impressive email mountain that's appeared in my inbox over the holidays. In a further, and I'd like to think, rather productive attempt to put off tackling this I cast an email out to the sages of the uk-netmarketing list hunting for 2008 predictions for digital media, either those they'd found online or, if brave enough, any of their own.

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