Adobe Illustrator - Advanced

18 Jun 2008 - 09:00

To attend our Adobe Illustrator Advanced course you may have attended our Adobe Illustrator Introduction course or have an equivalent working knowledge of the software.

What are the benefits of attending this course?

This course focuses on the advanced features of Illustrator and power shortcuts to enhance your workflow. A methodical approach to using the vector drawing tools in Illustrator will be taught to help you unlock your creative potential.
Included in this course:

* A free Wacom Grahire4 tablet if booked three weeks in advance
* Course book
* Lunch
* 3 Months post training support
* Certificate of attendence

Course Outline
Customising Illustrator

* Setting document preferences
* Customising the artboard size
* Customising document setup
* Setting program preferences
* Defining and recalling custom workspaces


* Creating grids
* Setting grid preferences
* Exploring and using layers
* Creating and deleting layers
* Hiding layers
* Specifying layer options
* Organising layers
* Grouping layers
* Moving and copying objects between layers
* Creating template layers
* Using the release to layers option
* Selecting layer comps from Photoshop files


* Creating graphs to include column, line, pie area and scatter graphs
* Entering and importing data
* Setting dynamic data linking
* Breaking links to external data
* Setting graph options
* Converting graph designs
* Creating marker & column design

Auto trace options

* Tracing vector images
* Understanding the trace options
* Controlling the trace area - ie defining a partial image
* Setting trace preferences
* Using Live Trace to autotrace scanned work

Converting vector to bitmap

* Rasterising vector objects to PICT and TIFF formats
* Exploring bitmap filters

Working with brushes

* Using Art, Calligraphic, Pattern and Scatter brush effects
* Creating and using your own art brushes
* Brush options of selected object
* Using the gradient mesh tool
* Editing a gradient mesh
* Adding colour to a gradient mesh
* Changing the angle of a colour within a gradient mesh
* Adding points to a gradient mesh

Using the appearance palette

* Distinction between the filter and effect menu
* Understanding the appearance palette
* Clear appearance option
* Maintain appearance for subsequent objects


* Understanding and using the Actions palette
* Creating an action Applying actions
* Inserting menu options into an action


* Linked and embedded images
* Links palette options
* Checking document Info to include font information, colour settings and imported graphic info

3D Features

* Creating 3D shapes
* Creating a custom symbol to wrap around 3D artwork
* Setting light effects

Saving and exporting Illustrator files

* Exporting Illustrator files to various formats
* Using the path join and cleanup options
* Specifying transparency
* Exporting as Flash
* Saving as PDF files
* Printing files

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