Complete Direct Marketing

15 Aug 2008 - 09:30

This complete direct marketing training course provides a comprehensive foundation in every facet of direct marketing. Over three days, you will build the knowledge and skills needed to effectively plan, budget, brief, evaluate, measure and manage direct marketing campaigns.

Complete Direct Marketing covers direct marketing strategy, campaign management and execution, creative ingredients, using databases, and how to use new and traditional media.

Through its stretching, searching and practical content, this three-day training course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to plan, execute, evaluate and oversee direct marketing programmes with complete confidence - and spend your budget, be it £5,000 or £5 million, more productively.

You'll find out how direct marketing can boost your organisation's financial performance, you'll discover where the potential pitfalls are, you'll learn, analyse, practise and discuss ... and come away from the training course armed with scores of tricks and techniques, ready to undertake any kind of direct marketing activity.

This guide demonstrates how to convert your strategy into action plans. The contents include: communication strategy, writing and actioning the plan, defining the campaign status; measurement, analysis, forecasting and control; supplier relationships.

Anyone who has little or no experience of direct marketing and needs a broad - but thorough - understanding of what it is (and what it is not), why it is growing, what it can achieve and how.
How will you benefit from this training course?

You will gain a clear understanding of how direct marketing is planned, executed and controlled. Through the expert tuition of seasoned practitioner Brian Thomas it is our expectation that every delegate will return to work with the skills required to plan and manage accountable direct marketing programmes, reducing the risk of mistakes and significantly increasing competence levels.

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