The Absolute Essentials of Direct and Digital Marketing

30 Sep 2008 - 09:15

The ulitmate marketing tool

How to combine the best of direct and digital marketing in just one day. Learn how to produce leading integrated marketing campaigns that combine the best of offline and digital media. Stacked with tips and hints on producing cost effective campaigns that get results!


Seminar overview

The seminar programme reflects modern, integrated direct marketing and incorporates the latest digital media to make one-to-one marketing a reality for us all!

The new digital media is faster, more efficient and cost-effective, yet the principles of direct marketing still survive – targeting, interaction, control and continuity – but by blending in digital media we are able to deliver real-time marketing. This seminar will deliver a comprehensive understanding of how direct and digital marketing with delegates learning:

  • Why direct and digital marketing are fundamental to marketing planning
  • How to develop a fully integrated marketing plan
  • How to discover 'customer insights'
  • The ‘customer journey’ and its impact on communications
  • The latest digital and internet marketing technologies
  • How to write copy for on and offline media
  • The importance of a thorough briefing
  • Why to test and how to test on and offline
  • How to judge and evaluate creative work
  • How to set up a retention/loyalty program
  • How to develop strong customer propositions
  • Tracking and measuring web analytics
  • Selecting and managing digital suppliers
  • Producing engaging creative that cuts through the clutter
  • Building online web traffic and retaining customers online
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