Effective Business-to-Business Email Marketing

10 Oct 2008 - 09:30

How can I ensure my message is delivered and not stopped by company firewalls or spam filters? What data do I need to drive my email programme? How do I make B2B list rental work? How do I test campaign ideas if my database is very small? Should I be sending out text or HTML emails? How do I build, design and write effective messages? What results should I be getting – what does ‘good’ look like? How does the legislation affect how I gather email addresses, send out messages and manage my file?

Get the answers to these questions and more in this one day training course on effective email marketing in a business-to-business environment. Each session will also include a practical summary and checklist on how to apply the key learning outcomes to your own business.

Outline programme for Effective B2B Email Marketing

Email and the business-to-business organisation

* Understanding the differences between B2B and B2C when it comes to effective email marketing: what makes B2B special
* Building email into your marketing communications plan and other ways email can be used to drive increased profits
* How data protection legislation may affect your ability to communicate via email and understanding the strict guidelines that you need to follow
* B2B email case histories to get excited about!

Building your own email database and renting third party data

* Understanding the key data that you’ll need to collect and how to collect it
* How to build an effective web registration to process
* Top tips for managing your data on an on-going basis
* Where to go for third party data: an overview of the B2B list rental market and the latest developments
* 20 things you’ll need to know if you want to make B2B list rental work

Getting the creative right for B2B

* Understanding who your B2B target audience is, the importance of the DMU and how to develop alternative propositions
* How to build, design and write effective messages for B2B
* Personalisation: how to use and why it’s more important in B2B than B2C
* Deciding on the right format: text, HTML and other rich media
* Key creative lessons that B2B marketers can learn from B2C
* Why testing is essential and the simplest ways of going about it
* Measuring and tracking your tests

Maximising your results

* Understanding the factors that can affect the deliverability of your B2B emails
* Effective ways to overcome deliverability problems in B2B
* Key words to avoid in order to circumvent company firewalls and spam filters
* Broadcast and format options for B2B: the latest developments
* Why you should consider telephone and direct mail follow ups

Other ways a business-to-business organisation can benefit from interactive email

* Professionally branded email design for consistency of brand across the breadth of your communications channels
* Using the email channel to deliver a wide variety of communications: newsletters, product updates or alerts, links to new website material and event management
* Interactive reporting capabilities for audience segmentation and targeting

Best practice campaign management

* Adhering to industry codes of practice: a brief overview
* Key questions you’ll need to ask before running a B2B email campaign
* Essential checklists for a smooth running campaign
* Post course action plan

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