Getting to Grips with Mobile Marketing

21 Oct 2008 - 10:00 - 16:00

This new, one-day training course on Mobile Marketing will give you a thorough understanding of where mobile marketing now fits within the total marketing mix. You will discover how it works, what it can achieve and what you need to do to plan and implement highly effective mobile campaigns.

Delegates will share the experiences and knowledge of two experienced mobile marketing practitioners who, through a series of fascinating case studies, will demonstrate how familiar marketing tools such as search engines, banner advertising and TV commercials can be applied across the mobile platform. The day will also feature stimulating practical exercises to put your knowledge into action to help generate more customers and sales. Whether you work in B2C or B2B this training course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to decide when to use mobile marketing and how to ensure it is effective.

Who should attend the Getting to Grips with Mobile Marketing training course?

Those who want to find out when and how to use mobile marketing effectively and ensure it meets their business requirement.

How will I benefit from this training course?

Upon completion of the course, delegates will understand where mobile fits in the marketing mix, when and how it can be used and what standards apply to it.
Through CPD, your ongoing professional development of marketing skills and knowledge can be charted and rewarded
Outline programme for Getting to Grips with Mobile Marketing

Where we are today – the scope of mobile marketing

* Current statistics of usage
* User profiles and behaviours
* Engaging the ‘connected customer’

Mobile marketing and advertising
The tools for planning and running a mobile campaign and codes of conduct

* The applications and opportunities for mobile marketing including…
o Mobile content (ringtones, wallpapers, audio tracks, widgets)
o Personal life media (moblogs, UGC, Social Networking, Avatars)
o Text and win
o Voting and mobile games
o eCRM
o SMS and MMS
o Barcodes and eCoupons
o Location based services
o WAP portal/mobile search
o Bluetooth and shortcodes
* How to get a contact database and opt-in legislation
* Integrating mobile with other media
* Testing and measurement – mobile analytics

Understanding the Mobile Marketing Ecosystem and working with mobile agencies

* An introduction to the mobile marketing ecosystem and mobile channel value system
* Case studies to illustrate different types of mobile campaign
* The role of a mobile marketing agency

Mobile commerce

* Providing the ‘click and buy’ experience, including...
o Payment systems and collection of payments by PSMS
o Credit card authorisation and barcodes for couponing and ticketing
o Auction bidding
o Account top-ups and mobile banking
o Fraud alerts and new credit card registrations

Debate: the future

* Will mobile search be bigger than internet search?
* What about location based services? And will TV on mobile be a success?

member price = £275, non-member price = £295
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