Interactive Media Production for Production Managers

16 Oct 2008 - 09:00


Do you need to shoot footage specifically for the internet distribution? This short course covers the script to online process of shooting, editing and uploading of video for viewing on the internet. With so much of today’s content being broadcast on the internet, this is a one stop shop for learning how to be your own internet distributor.

We will cover basics and touch upon the more advanced features of shooting on PD170 DV CAM cameras, and editing on Final Cut Pro and outputting and uploading for internet broadcast.

Course Bursaries: If you are working in the UK film industry you may be eligible for a reduction to your course fee. Skillset has subsidised 4 of the 6 available places on the course so that those participants will pay just £117 each. In order to be eligible you will need to be working in Production, Post Production or Development. For more information please email:


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companies = £250, charities = £195, freelancers = £160
Zero One
Westminster Kingsway College
Soho Centre, Peter Street
W1 0HS
United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland