Making Sense of Web Ananlytics

9 Oct 2008 - 09:15

This one-day training course on web analytics will teach you how to use online data to improve your campaign and website results and show you how to convert more browsers into buyers. Get more from your training budget with IDM in-company skills programmes.

This training course is aimed at people who have access to campaign reports and web analytics data and are wondering how to get the most value from them. Are you drowning in reports that don’t make sense? Do you have effectiveness reports that you don’t believe? Are you under pressure to make your campaigns work harder? If your online numbers don’t add up then this is the training course for you.

It will take you through the basics of campaign reporting and web analytics, the terminology and how to ensure that your reports and analytics tools are correctly configured. It will then show you how to take the data and use it to improve the conversion rate of your website or the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Who should attend Making Sense of Web Analytics?

The training course is aimed at users of web analytics data - all those roles that use data to make decisions based upon performance data, and who are looking to get more from that data. It is designed to suit those managing specific online channels as well as those with responsibility for web site effectiveness.

How will I benefit from this training course?

At the end of the course you should understand how good data is generated and how this data can be used to improve your business performance. The goal is to give the attendees a rounded view and arm them with the right questions to ask.

Through CPD, your ongoing professional development of marketing skills and knowledge can be charted and rewarded

Outline programme for Making Sense of Web Analytics

Getting good data – the key to success

* How to ensure your tools are set up correctly and that you are getting good data that you understand
* Understanding how the different numbers are generated, and how to spot when they are wrong
* How to deal with data from two sources that does not add up
* Deciding upon which numbers to trust – or at least understanding bias

Campaign improvement - using data to optimise campaign effectiveness

* The basic reporting methodology used to track campaigns and what it can / cannot tell you
* How consumers really interact with multiple campaigns, and the impact this has on tracking results
* Smarter techniques for campaign analysis that will show you what is / is not really working

Site improvement – converting more browsers into buyers

* Visits that don’t convert into sales / applications / bookings / leads are potentially a waste of your efforts. This session looks at how site effectiveness can be improved by using the data intelligently
* Understanding site visit metrics properly so that consumer behaviour can be correctly interpreted and corrective action worked out
* Learn how to segment data so that behaviour of key groups can be seen

How to create a reporting / analytics programme that will deliver results

* Turning theory into practical programs that actually work for your organisation
* Integration of web analytics data with usability research, surveys and other insight techniques to get a true
* Managing the people involved in optimisation programmes & avoiding the “knowing-doing gap” that paralyses many optimisation projects

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