Affiliate Marketing

9 Dec 2008 - 10:00

This one-day Affiliate Marketing training course will give you the knowledge and practical skills to create effective affiliate marketing programmes. The course covers all the key tools, techniques and best practices, backed by the latest industry case studies.

Devising a truly effective online marketing strategy is about transactions, be it the exchange of money or customer information. Affiliate marketing, a system whereby other website owners are rewarded on a pay-by-performance basis for each customer they drive to your site, can fall into either camp.

The importance of affiliate marketing is indicated by the size of the market: worth over £2billion in the UK. It's a discipline with which every online marketer today should be familiar. But to make your affiliate marketing and affiliate networks truly perform requires real understanding of the dynamics of the discipline.

This training course will reveal the strategies and secrets of sustaining successful affiliate marketing programmes, disclose the roles and requirements of merchants, affiliates and networks, and share the latest innovations which take affiliate marketing beyond clicks to cash.
Who should attend Affiliate Marketing?

This training course is designed for those involved in internet marketing who want to get the very best results from their affiliate marketing budget. This will include sales and marketing directors, sales and marketing managers, online marketers and consultants.
How will I benefit from this training course?

Through CPD, your ongoing professional development of marketing skills and knowledge can be charted and rewardedYou will gain an applied knowledge of modern affiliate marketing practice, and the practical skills to build an affiliate campaign that meets your marketing objectives and delivers against sales targets.
Outline programme for Affiliate Marketing
What is affiliate marketing?

    * Market overview – global spend generated by affiliate marketing
    * The mechanics of affiliate marketing
          o The role of the merchant
          o The role of the affiliate
    * The role of the affiliate network
    * The self-managed affiliate programme
    * What can affiliate marketing achieve?
    * Improving your search engine marketing
    * Accessing independent online communities
    * Developing products and services through affiliate relationships

Planning a fully integrated affiliate marketing programme

    * Assessing and auditing your existing online marketing
    * Setting objectives for your affiliate marketing programme
    * Budgeting and controlling costs
    * Devising a high performance affiliate marketing strategy
    * A checklist to identify, assess and select the best affiliate partners
    * The tools to review and evaluate the effectiveness of existing affiliate marketing programmes
    * The tools to plan, manage and refine a new or existing affiliate marketing programme
    * The means and methods to generate hot leads and on-going sales through affiliate marketing
    * Ethics and best practise

Creating an affiliate network

    * Network or self managed? – determining the best option for your needs
    * An evaluation of the network providers
    * The benefits of working with one or more network
    * How you measure your programme manager’s performance

Making affiliate marketing work for you

    * Identifying, recruiting and optimising your affiliate partners
    * Ensuring your website is affiliate-friendly
    * Motivating and rewarding affiliates
    * Protecting and building your brand
    * Integrating your affiliate programme with your wider marketing strategy

The latest innovations in affiliate marketing

    * Case studies
    * White label search engines

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