Complete Digital Marketing

1 Dec 2008 - 09:15 - 3 Dec 1970 - 18:00

This three-day training course will provide you with a definitive introduction to digital marketing tools, techniques and applications including digital marketing strategy, campaign management and execution, the gathering and managing of digital data and the complete array of e-marketing tools from search engine marketing to email and SMS.

You will also learn how to monitor and control your digital marketing campaigns to ensure optimal effectiveness and integration.

Whether you work in B2C or B2B this training course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to manage your digital campaigns with confidence.
Who should attend Complete Digital Marketing?
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Anyone NEW to digital marketing needing to understand how digital marketing is planned, executed, integrated and controlled.
How will I benefit from this training course?

Upon completion of the training course, delegates will be able to plan and implement a digital marketing campaign encompassing one or more digital marketing tools such as interactive advertising and email.
Through CPD, your ongoing professional development of marketing skills and knowledge can be charted and rewarded
Outline programme for Complete Digital Marketing
Day 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
Definition, purpose and scope of digital marketing

* Understanding the impact of digital marketing on business
* Evaluating the risks and opportunities of digital marketing
* Differences and similarities between digital marketing and traditional marketing communications
* Building customer relationships online and permission marketing
* A brief guide to internet technologies
* Legal considerations

Understanding the digital marketing customer

* Overview of the characteristics of the digital customer
* Online buyer behaviour
* How to build a picture of your own customers using online customer surveys
* Review of third party data sources and when you might consider using

Creating a strategic digital marketing plan

* Understanding the digital marketing planning process
* What goes into a digital marketing plan and why an annual plan is necessary
* Situation analysis, objective setting and strategy formulation
* Plan implementation and budgeting
* Monitoring and control

Gathering and managing your digital data

* Understanding the complexities of customer contact and behavioural data
* How to store and manage your digital data
* Why integration with your offline data is essential
* How your data can be used to drive more customised communications through segmentation and profiling
* Customer data analysis and targeting techniques

Website design and usability

* Principles of effective website design including page layouts and navigation
* Developing a brief for website creation and enhancement
* How to select and manage a web design agency
* How to assess the effectiveness of your website design
* Researching your site visitors
* Copywriting for the web

Producing great creative

* Understanding what makes digital creative different from non digital creative
* Overview of the principles behind effective online creative (all digital media)
* How online creative can support brand building
* Overview of the process by which creative concepts are produced
* Understanding the principles of creative briefing and evaluation

Day 2: Digital Marketing Communication Tools
Interactive online advertising

* Using online ads to drive site traffic and build brands
* Overview of the ad formats available and how best to use them creatively
* Buying online media for interactive advertising and the different buying models
* How to understand and appraise online media schedules

Search engine marketing

* What is search engine marketing and why it’s so crucial to online success?
* Understanding the differences between search engines, directories and pay per click advertising
* Key strategies and tactics to maximise search engine effectiveness

Email and viral marketing

* Why permission is everything
* How to acquire names and email lists
* Testing email for continuous improvement
* E-newsletters and other email formats
* Eight steps to create a successful viral campaign
* Broadcast and delivery considerations

Mobile marketing

* Overview of the different mobile access technologies
* Consumer and corporate applications of mobile marketing
* Buying mobile marketing services and customer data
* Key factors in designing and managing mobile marketing campaigns
* Essential mobile campaign metrics

Day 3: Integrating and Optimising Your Digital Marketing
Integrating your marketing communications

* Why integration is essential and how best to achieve it
* Integrating both on and offline activity
* Award-winning integrated campaign examples

Affiliate marketing

* What is affiliate marketing and how it can be used to optimise your e-marketing effectiveness
* Understanding the mechanics and process involved
* Getting started: using a network vs going it alone

Optimising your digital marketing via tracking and measurement

* Key metrics for measuring online advertising effectiveness
* Using cookies and analytics tools to track site visitors
* Tracking and measuring email, banners, Adword and viral campaign responses
* Measuring how your site helps or hinders campaign response

Creating the ideal online campaign plan

* Best practice approaches to online campaign planning
* How to determine the appropriate level of spend, mix and sequence of your e-marketing tools
* Campaign, offer and messaging strategy
* Campaign timing and integration issues
* Supplier selection for the different digital marketing campaign elements
* Post course action plan

Training course tutor

David Hughes M IDM is your Complete Digital Marketing training course tutorDavid Hughes Dip DM, M IDM runs an independent digital marketing consultancy, Non-Line Marketing, and has over 8 years experience of email and internet marketing. His areas of specialisation include on-line data gathering, developing email marketing communication programmes and integrating email marketing with traditional direct marketing channels.

For the past 5 years he has been a Strategic Consultant with Emailvision, a pan European email technology provider, helping client and agency partners with the strategic, technical and operational issues affecting email campaign success. He works with companies such as Telegraph, Kangol, Institute of Directors and 3M and has experience of email in both the B2B and B2C sectors. David is also the Director of the Tank! On-Line Marketing Action Group, delivering thought leadership programmes for the client marketing community and is author of the DMA UK Email Marketing Benchmarking Report.

David spent 7 years at Claritas (now Acxiom) as the European Data Acquisition Manager generating over 8 million survey responses per year across 7 countries. This off-line, high volume direct mail experience allows him to apply direct marketing techniques to email marketing programmes. He gained an IDM Diploma, with Distinction, in 1992, is a regular speaker for the Direct Marketing Association on email issues and is a member of the IDM Digital Marketing Examination Board and a Course Tutor for the IDM Digital Marketing Diploma.

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